The Difference Between Religion and Real Christianity

Years ago in launching my own search for God, I began to notice that Christianity stood out head and shoulders above all the other religious I studied. What was the difference?  Christianity was the only religion that talked about GOD FINDING MAN— God coming to man (God so loved the world that he gave his only Son). 

All the other religions spoke in terms of MAN FINDING GOD (In eastern religions you have to go through multiple levels of reincarnation to find God).

This made more sense to me that God, being infinite, could find me (finite), rather than me finding him.  I asked myself the question "how could I ever wrap my finite mind around an infinite mind?", that would be impossible.  It made more sense that an infinite mind could wrap itself around me.  God could find me if he wanted to, but in all my efforts, I could never find Him.

Wow!  That was a mind blower for me.  Christianity suddenly offered me a place to look for God that was objective— God finding man.  It made SENSE to look for God in a religion that talked about God finding me— but which Christianity?

Today, there are dozens of Christian denominations from which to choose.  Could all of them be right?

What I discovered is that many Christian religions make the same mistake eastern religions do— they put you in the position of WORKING TO FIND GOD.  You have to keep a certain set of rules in order to appease God.  In other words, you have to do something through self-effort in order to know God.

The idea of trying to appease God through works runs contrary to the objective idea that God must find man.  It’s His ACTION, not ours.  He must do the work.

But what is it that man must do or NOT DO, in order for God to find him?  How do we let the action be GOD'S and not our own?

The first thing we have to understand is that some truth is DISCOVERED, while other truth is REVEALED.

This is only logical.

Think about it, if God is transcendent to you, that is, out of the reach of your 5 senses, wouldn’t He have to REVEAL His truth to you?

But how does God REVEAL truth?

In order to understand this you have to understand the concept of FAITH.

To some, faith is a religious concept.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  The fact is, even atheists use faith.  REAL FAITH is always based in objective fact.

For instance, have you ever asked yourself why people get on airplanes and put their lives in the hands of a pilot they have never met?

The answer is OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE!  In life, they have accumulated enough empirical evidence to trust the concept of flying.

1.  They’ve seen airplanes fly in the sky.
2.  They’ve talked to friends who have flown.
3.  They may have even studied aerodynamics, the scientific basis for flight.

As a result, they put their FAITH in a man they have never met.  Faith lets them bridge the GAP between OBSERVATION and EXPERIENCE.  Their faith let's them experience flying.

So you see, real faith is a commodity used by all.  Real faith is objective and based in a objective idea.

So when it comes to God finding you, you have to discover objective evidence that will allow you to put your FAITH in Him.  This objective evidence allows you to step into Him and EXPERIENCE a personal relationship with Him.  He REVEALS Himself to you.

Real faith is your ONLY action.  Your faith triggers His ACTION to you.

But what is the objective evidence that would cause you to TRUST God or to even believe He exists?

Does God Exist?

Consider the dismantling of a watch.

As it’s taken apart, put it in a bag.  Now SHAKE!

Here’s the question. What are the odds that all the pieces of the watch will fall back together again just by shaking the bag?

I think most people would agree that the odds of this happening are zero. That’s because we realize that a watch exists by DESIGN, not by CHANCE. There is a MIND behind its existence— it has a DESIGNER.

Now consider the world we live in. Does our world reflect design and a designer? Take a look at the following facts concerning our earth-sun system, and you decide.

1.  The earth is positioned at just the right distance from the sun so that we receive exactly the proper amount of heat to support life.  The other planets of our solar system are either too close to the sun (too hot) or else too far (too cold) to sustain life.

2.  Any appreciable change in the rate of rotation of the earth
would make life impossible.  For example, if the earth were to rotate at one-tenth its present rate, all plant life would either be burned to a crisp during the day or frozen at night.

3.  Temperature variations are kept within reasonable limits due to the nearly circular orbit of the earth around the sun.

4.  Temperature extremes are further moderated by the water vapor and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that produce a greenhouse effect.

5.  The moon revolves around the earth at a distance of about 240,000 miles causing harmless tides on the earth.  If the moon were located 1/5th of this distance away, the continents would be completely submerged twice a day!

6.  The thickness of the earth's crust and the depth of the oceans appear to be carefully designed.  Increases in thickness or depth of only a few feet would so drastically alter the
absorption of free oxygen and carbon dioxide that plant and animal life could not exist.

7.  The earth's axis is tilted 23 1/2 degrees from the perpendicular to the plane of its orbit.  This tilting, combined
with the earth's revolution around the sun, causes our seasons, which are absolutely essential for the raising of food supplies.

8.  The earth's atmosphere (ozone layer) serves as a protective shield from lethal solar ultraviolet radiation, which would otherwise destroy all life.

9.  The earth's atmosphere also serves to protect the earth from approximately 20 million meteors that enter it each day at speeds of about 30 miles per second!  Without this crucial protection the danger to life would be immense.

10. The earth is the perfect physical size and mass to support life, affording a careful balance between gravitational forces (essential for holding water and an atmosphere) and atmospheric pressure.

11. The two primary constituents of the earth's atmosphere are nitrogen (78 percent) and oxygen (20 percent).  This delicate and critical ratio is essential to all life forms.

12. The earth's magnetic field provides important protection from harmful cosmic radiation.

13. The earth is uniquely blessed with a bountiful supply of water, which is the key substance of life due to its remarkable and essential physical properties.

What are the odds that this could all happen just by chance?

Ask yourself, does the design reflect a designer? Do the objective facts of the earth-sun system provide enough objective evidence for us to believe that there is a designer?

Based on the design of the earth-sun system, it is logical to conclude that the world has a designer.  It’s too complex to have occurred by random events.

Through this we see that there are a series of logical questions we can ask to build our FAITH.  Remember, faith is used to combine OBSERVATION with EXPERIENCE.  As we observe and gather logical evidence, our faith grows to the point that we step out in faith and experience reality.

The same is true for transcendent truth.  As we begin to form a basis for faith, we step out and trust the Designer to REVEAL Himself to us.

In my book Truth Based Thinking, I continue this exploration of objective evidence by asking and answering questions like:

Can we find the Designer?  Is the Designer trying to find man?  Can we trust the Bible?

Through a series of logical arguments I show you how you can Find Truth, Understand Truth and Apply Truth to your life.

Through this process you will begin to understand that religion is merely an exercise in the futile.  It’s the finite (man) trying to find the infinite (God). 

Only REAL FAITH exercised and developed though objective thought, can give you the foundation you need to experience transcendent truth and understand real Christianity.