Understand the Bible As Never Before

I would like to introduce you to the Read Scripture App.

App for Smartphones

This “app” represents the combined efforts of two organizations, Read Scripture and The Bible Project.

Read Scripture provides the downloadable app…

… while The Bible Project provides delightful hand drawn video summaries for each book of the Bible.

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Personal Testimony:

I have studied the Bible my entire life, but never have I seen such informative, helpful, and “at your fingertips” summaries of the Bible as you will find them at The Bible Project.  All the books of the Bible are there plus Biblical theme videos and word studies to help you complete your understanding of the Bible.

Perhaps you’ve never understood difficult books such as: Jeremiah, Isaiah, or Ezekiel?  With The Bible Project videos you will.  Not only will you understand them, but you’ll see how the entire Bible works together to lead you to Jesus.

If you have never seen a Bible Project video, go here now and see what you have been missing.

If you want to understand the “why” of the Read Scripture program— go here now.

The Bible Project explains the app storyline here.

You can download the app from iTunes by going here.  Or download it from your smartphone's App Store.

You can also get the Read Scripture program in PDF form if you can’t get the app.  Get that here.


We need to immerse ourselves in the Bible in order to hear God’s voice in our spirit.  Read Scripture and The Bible Project will help you understand it as never before.  It combines a reading plan with interesting video art summaries that make the process enjoyable.  Get started today!