The New World Order: Truth or Conspiracy Theory?

(8th article in the Masters of Deception Series)

In this series we have been on a journey from the beginning of civilization to the present.

We have shown you a world that may not seem real.  We have shown you a world where conspiracy theories exist.

You may be asking yourself, “Is this real?  Is this what I really want to believe?”

Consider the predicament of Neo in the Matrix.

Is there a chance that you live in a world that’s been constructed for you?

Your chance to break out is in considering what I have to say.

Blue Pill or Red Pill

If you take the BLUE PILL, the story ends here.  You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

But if you take the RED PILL, you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I show you how to KNOW what I am saying is true!

Begin by asking yourself “How can we know if ANYTHING is true?”

For example, how can we know if Thomas Edison existed?  Isn’t it possible that someone just made him up?

We know through the EVIDENCE he left behind.  We know through the evidence of his inventions!

Edison was the first person to make the light bulb economically viable.  Therefore the evidence of his existence is all around us— every time we turn on a LIGHT BULB.

The same is true for the Masters of Deception.  Evidence of their existent is all around us.

Scott Onstott’s miniseries “Secrets in Plain Sight”, helps us SEE it.

We see the ancient mystery religion of Babylon deeply imbedded in the monuments, architecture and streets of Washington D.C., San Francisco, New York and the world (Jerusalem, Rome, Paris, London and Egypt etc.).

If we are astute, we understand that we indeed live in the Matrix.

Our world has been constructed to keep us enslaved.  The RED PILL will help you wake up.  It will help you go to the Lord and ask Him what you can do to advance HIS Kingdom in the midst of chaos.

For more on what God’s Kingdom is and HOW to advance it, read my article, What is the Gospel That Jesus Preached?

The videos below are just 4 in Scott Onstott’s miniseries.  The first one gives an introduction to his series.  The next three show you how deeply the Masters of Deception are embedded in our nation’s capitol, Washington D.C..

The entire miniseries can be found on Bible Made Simple's You Tube channel.  Look under the playlist entitled, Who's Behind the New World Order?

Introduction to Secrets in Plain Sight Miniseries

Washington DC Part 1 - Secrets in Plain Sight

Washington DC Part 2 - Secrets in Plain Sight

Washington DC Part 3 - Secrets in Plain Sight