Developing a Mindset that Lets You Receive the Things of God

(6th article in the Salvation Series)

Sometimes as Christians we run out of “gas”— we lose the ESSENCE of being a Christian.

What is the essence of being a Christian?

It’s understanding that our effectiveness as Christians comes from BEING rather than DOING.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that we slip into the wrong PERSPECTIVE of what being a Christian is about.

Perspective comes from one of TWO places.

1.  It comes from the world when we look at our circumstances through physical eyes.

2.  It comes from heaven when we look at our circumstances through spiritual eyes.

When we look at our circumstances from an earthly perspective, our natural response is to start DOING something in order to FIX our problems.

When we look at our circumstances from a spiritual perspective, we simply REST in a work that has ALREADY been completed by Christ.

Let me use two illustrations to show you what I mean.

Look at the picture below.

I want you to acknowledge two things:

1.  The light is abundantly shining. There is no lack in the light's ability to SHINE.

2.  The light is being blocked ONLY by the trees.

When we look at the trees, it’s as if we are looking at the world from an earthly perspective.  We just see the problems.  We see the trees.  Because we see the trees, our natural response is to FIX the problems they represent.  It doesn’t matter that we use “Christ” to fix them, because the FOCUS is still on the trees.

When we focus on the light, it’s as if we see the world from a heavenly perspective.  We see God and the COMPLETED work of Christ shining through.  Therefore we don’t feel the need to fix the problems.  We know that they have been ALREADY been fixed through the atoning work of Christ.  Because we are IN HIM through rebirth (2 Corinthians 5:21), we simply REST in Him.  He will work it out regardless of how many “trees” are in the forest of our lives.

This is the ESSENCE and heritage of being a Christian.  We exist in a completed work.  God’s got it all under control. We don’t have to TRY to fix it.  We just make sure that our eyes are on Him— the LIGHT.

When we do, this is what happens (see picture below).

The forest begins to clear and we have the JOY of our salvation.  We are able to RECEIVE the PROMISES of God.

Walk in this truth.  Keep your eyes on the LIGHT.  Don’t worry about how life LOOKS.  God wins.  God has ALREADY won.  God uses YOU, as you walk in His purpose.

Here is a wonderful teaching on how to let God work in your life, (How To Walk in Confidence).  You can also find this on my YouTube channel.  Look for it under the playlist “Hope Amidst Despair” or click here.

How To Walk in Confidence

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