The Society of Jesus

(2nd article in the Masters of Deception Series)

For generations Catholic leaders had been taking advantage of their people.  Greedy Rome was selling “Holy Relics” in order to give Catholics good luck.  Everything from the “feathers of Gabriel’s wings” to “nails used in the Crucifixion” to vials of “Mary’s milk” were sold to make money.

But even this was not enough.  In order to build a magnificent church in Rome and finance Vatican City, Pope Leo X sold indulgences so that dead Catholics could get out of Purgatory.

Purgatory is an imaginary place created by the Roman Catholic system where the dead must “burn off” their sins.  The slogan used for selling indulgences was:

“When a coin in the coffer clings, a soul from purgatory springs.”

Martin Luther

Martin Luther, a fair minded priest in the Roman Catholic church had had enough.  On October 31, 1517 he posted a document of PROTEST on the Wittenberg Church in Germany.

Luther’s writings created an uproar.  The Pope wanted Luther dead.  In hiding, Luther continued his effort to expose the Roman Catholic Church.  In just 11 weeks he translated the New Testament into German making it public in September of 1521.

German Catholics who read Luther’s German Bible were shocked to find Roman traditions were NOT in the Holy scriptures.  Scholarly debate sent shockwaves throughout the Catholic world, all because one man had dared to challenge the system.

With this, the REFORMATION and the PROTESTANT MOVEMENT had begun.

The effort to fight the Reformation, continued within the Catholic hierarchy.  Early efforts to crush the Protestants became known as the INQUISITION.  Torture chambers were set up to burn “heretics” at the stake.  These acts of horror were conducted by the dreaded Dominican Order of the Roman Catholic Church.

But in 1540 a new order came to power.

The Society of Jesus (Jesuits)

Unable to crush the growing Protestant movement through torture, Pope Paul lll sanctioned a loyal, yet independent group of men to defeat the Protestants.  Created by Ignatius of Loyola, “The Society of Jesus” had a more subtle way of defeating the Protestants.

The Society of Jesus wasn’t just about bringing men into physical submission, they were (and are) about controlling the emotional, intellectual and spiritual properties of men as well.  Their stated goal was to become:

“The counsellors and confessors of the powerful and the teachers of their children.”

World Conquest

Over the years the Jesuits have become the “counsellors to the powerful” by creating a worldwide network of higher learning.

Today there are over 189 Jesuit institutions worldwide.  There are 28 colleges and universities and 48 preparatory high schools in the United States alone.

These institutions exist for one reason and one reason only— to conquer the world for the ASPIRATIONS of the Roman Catholic hierarchy and the Pope. 

I’ll discuss what those aspirations are in my next article, but for now I want to discuss HOW the Roman Catholic Church uses Jesuit educational institutions to advance its purposes.

Jesuit Educational Institutions

ALL Jesuit educational institutions are staffed with trained Jesuits priests.

Beginning with high school, students are given a teacher or MENTOR that will in effect, replace God in their lives.  The goal of the priest is to gain complete TRUST of the student.

Throughout their education, students are watched to see if they display characteristics of a Jesuit.  They must be submissive, compliant, willing to follow directions at any cost. Promising candidates are tracked into college.

At some point they are given a “pitch” to become a Jesuit.  If the candidate accepts they are brought into the “House of First Probation.”

When the student enters the “house” they are separated from other candidates and watched without their knowing it— the cook, the gardner, the doorman etc.. 

Weaknesses and strengths are reported to the PRIEST mentoring them.  The Priest in turn reports to the RECTOR of the university.  The Rector reports to a PROVINCIAL (the Jesuit over the region) who regularly reports to the JESUIT GENERAL (head of the Society of Jesus).

The current Jesuit General is Adolfo Nicolas.  He is also called the BLACK POPE.

To be selected for the “House of First Probation” you must have the following qualifications:

Good looking, healthy, good memory, love the Jesuit institution, discreet, virtuous, desiring spiritual perfection, zealous for souls to be Roman Catholic.  You must be at least 14 years to enter and 25 years to become a priest.

Over the next 10-14 years a weeding out process takes place.  Candidates are regularly tested and placed in 4 different groups and levels:

1st Class (Highest level)

These are priests with “J.S.” (Jesuit Society) after their names.  Only a FEW Jesuits make it to this class.  This means that the vast majority of Jesuits are NOT priests.  They take 4 vows: obedience, poverty, chastity and “special obedience to the Pope.”

2nd Class

These are Coadjutors.  There are 2 types.

Spiritual Coadjutor:  These are lessors priests who can only hear confessions, preach and teach.

Temporal Coadjutors:  They have no spiritual authority at all.  As we had discussed earlier they work as cooks, gardeners, doormen etc..  They live for the “greater glory of God.”

3rd Class

This is a STUDENT who agrees to put his future in the hands of his superior.  The superior will decide where they fit in after 10-14 years of study.

4th Class

These people are no longer students but are waiting for their superiors to give them an assignment.  They have agreed to wait up to 14 years for this decision.

How Jesuits Effect the World

In time, these Jesuits are dispensed into the workforce.  Only 2% of them are actually priests.  98% of them are the eyes and ears of the Roman Catholic Church throughout the planet.

Since they are the brightest and best in their given field, they put themselves in positions to COUNSEL THE POWERFUL and become THEIR CONFESSORS.  

Without knowing who they are or what they represent, the world unwittingly reveals its secrets to them.

These secrets are then used to move their agenda forward. They want to destroy Protestantism and bring Rome to the forefront of a New World Order.

They are assassins.

Over the centuries they have started wars (WWl, WW2), assassinated presidents (Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy) and destroyed economies.

As I discussed in my article Misdirection,  The Vatican not only operates as a church but as an independent NATION.  She has her own currency and postal system.  She has embassies throughout the world.  She is a member of the United Nations.

I have also revealed that the Vatican is the single largest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence.  She possesses more material riches than any other institution, corporation, bank, giant trust, government or state on the globe.

But is this her true GOAL?  To become the richest and the most powerful?  No.  I think not.  Wealth and power has its rewards but it also has its limits.

What are the true aspirations of the Roman Catholic Church and her agents of destruction— the Jesuits?  I’ll discuss that in my next article entitled, The True Aspirations of the Roman Catholic Church.

This video provides an excellent overview of the Jesuits and their role in the New World Order.