Is Your Lifestyle "Off Topic"?

If you're trying to find an expression that captures a pointless effort in the face of an impending disaster, consider the phrase "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic."

How this expression came about is not quite clear.  With only 2 1/2 hours from the time that the Titanic hit the iceberg until it sank, there probably wasn’t enough time to actually rearrange the deck chairs.

However, there is an other expression similar to it, that actually did happen— “the band played on”.

Yes, that’s right.  History tells us that when the Titanic was sinking the ship’s orchestra played on in an effort avoid panic.

Take a look at this short 15 second clip and see if you think they were successful. 

Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight!

Don’t you think the band was a bit “off topic”?  The ship was sinking.  Wouldn’t the time have been better spent getting OFF the ship?

Some will say their efforts were heroic— I can see that to a degree.  However at some point you have to recognize the OBVIOUS and head for the lifeboats!

Is Your Lifestyle “Off Topic”?

Today, we live on the Titanic— our world is going down.  This isn’t just MY point of view, even the economists are saying it.

For a nation 17 trillion dollars in debt and counting, it’s only a matter of time.  Listen to what Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital has to say:

US Economy 2014 Collapse

How do you live your life?

Do you live it ON TOPIC preparing for a collapsing economy, or do you live it OFF TOPIC taking a chance that nothing will happen?

What are ways that people live “off topic”?

Ask yourself, “Where is my focus?”

Do you focus on your standard of living and the American dream?

If you own a home, are you constantly upgrading it?  Do you drive an expensive car?  Do you have an eye for fashion?  Do you know where all the sales and deals are?

Do you enjoy the entertainment industry, it’s stars and activities?  Do you go to movies?  Do you watch television?  Do you read entertainment magazines?  Are you “Keeping up with the Kardasians”?

Are you a sports fan?  Do you know where your team falls within the rankings?

Do you like to eat?  Are you eating what you saw advertised on television?  Do you know where all the best restaurants are in town?

Are you a part of the Emergent Church, doing a lot of “good” things without having a relationship with Christ Himself?

Christianity Without The Cross - the Emergent Church Heresy

Note:  For more on the Emergent Church, see my "What's Wrong With the Church?" series in the archives to the right of this article.

The Apostle John warned us not to love the world or anything in the world (1 John 2:15-16).

God wants us to stay ON TOPIC.

Jesus admonished us to KEEP WATCH (Matthew 24:42-44).

Instead we are being mesmerized by the powers that be.

The reality is that the ship (our world) is going down.  We are entering a time of great distress (Matthew 24:21).

This distress is largely created and controlled by the Masters of Deception.

The Masters of Deception

Who are the Masters of Deception?  In my series Masters of Deception: End Times Rediscovered, I show you who they are and where they come from.  Since the beginning of time they have sought a one world government (Genesis 11:1-9).  And now, in this age, they are the verge of completing it.  Read my article, Who is Barack Obama in the New World Order?, to get an overview of their scope and purpose.

Suffice it to say, to be ON TOPIC, you need to prepare.

These four simple steps will help you prepare and get ON TOPIC:

1.  Have a reserve of WATER.

2.  Have a reserve of FOOD.

3.  Be able to stay WARM.

4.  Have a PLACE TO STAY that is safe.

When the world economy collapses the transportation network that distributes food will stop.  As a result stores will run out of everything.  There will be confusion and chaos as people fight to secure food and commodities.

You need to be ahead of the curve.  Secure extra food and water now.  I show you how to do this in my article, How to Prepare for the End Time.  This article will help you prepare physically and SPIRITUALLY.

Also during this time, most countries will be on lockdown— they will be under Martial Law.  Why?  The pretext will be for the safety of citizens.  Many people will go to FEMA camps for shelter.  These camps are really there to control you.  You won’t be able to leave.

That’s why you want to secure your own place to stay now.  Can you find somewhere outside the city to stay?  Why?  Homeland Security has been preparing for the inevitable to happen.  They will establish roadblocks so that no one can come and go from a city.  This is their way of controlling the population.  Without the ability to control your own destiny you will be under the mercy of what Homeland Security has for you.

Wake Up America: Homeland Security Preparing For Revolution/Economic Collapse

Caution: This video will upset you!

Make sure that you can stay warm during this time.  It is likely that our electric grids will be down.  Have warm clothes and some way to start a fire if necessary (matches or a fire striker).


The purpose of this article is to encourage you to abandon ship of the “American dream” and prepare for survival.  God wants us to turn our eyes from the goals and aspirations of this world and to prepare for His coming Kingdom.  This isn’t a time to be sad, it’s a time of faith, it’s a time to put on the ARMOR OF LIGHT.

The Apostle Paul puts it this way:

Do this, understanding the present time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.  The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the ARMOR OF LIGHT.
Romans 13:11-12